Travis Scott’s Lavish Watch Collection Will Leave You In Awe: It Costed Him More Than $5 Million To Acquire All The Watches!

As one ascends to the status of a globally renowned recording artist, the prоspect of amassing considerable wealth and acquiring a covetable array of luxury items becomes inevitable. In today’s celebrity watch-spotting session, we’ll delve into the noteworthy pieces within Travis Scott’s watch collection.

Highest (horology) in the room: the unreal watch collection of Travis Scott

Scott has undeniably curated an impressive array of timepieces, ranging from the customary choices to those he has customized, a practice frowned upon by purist enthusiasts and collectors. Nonetheless, let’s explore the watches in his collection that he holds dear in their original factory configuration.

Richard Mille 07-03 MARSHMALLOWThe Richard Mille BonBon collection made quite a splash at SIHH in 2019, initially eliciting a reaction of “huh?” from many, but eventually gaining widespread acclaim for its undeniable fun factor across its 10-piece lineup. As per a press release, Richard Mille incorporated new colored ceramic into the RM 07-03 bezel and back case, opting for a lavender pink TZP ceramic paired with white ATZ ceramic. The caseband is crafted from gem-set 5N red gold featuring set pillars adorned with pink sapphires, citrine, and tsavorite stones. The dial, on the other hand, is meticulously fashioned from grade 5 titanium and 5N red gold, and it is hand-enameled.Despite its playful appearance, the creation of this watch involved a significant infusion of serious horological expertise and methodology. The result is a rather trippy timepiece that perfectly complements the woozy psychedelic vibe associated with Travis Scott.Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel OpenworkedTravis Scott’s appreciation for the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked is evident in his multiple acquisitions of this timepiece—purchasing it, at the very least, three times. This watch stands as the epitome of Audemars Piguet’s prowess in case and movement engineering and finishing. Notably, Scott owns variations of this reference, including the stealth black ceramic, frosted white gold, and rose gold models, the latter of which may have undergone a lavish transformation with the addition of diamonds, commonly referred to as being “bussed down.”The star attraction of this watch lies in its caliber and the incorporation of a double balance wheel, a feature that significantly enhances the timepiece’s precision and stability. Through the utilization of two balance wheels and two hairsprings assembled on the same axis, the system is meticulously designed to oscillate in perfect synchrony.Patek Philippe World Time ref. 5131G-001The recent auction at Phillips underscored the collecting world’s profound appreciation for cloisonné enamel world timers crafted by Patek Philippe. Renowned for their scarcity, these watches consistently command high prices when presented at auctions. The Patek Philippe World Time ref. 5131G-001 seamlessly combines the finest elements of modern and vintage design, presenting the sought-after aesthetic within a contemporary 39.5mm white gold case. This timepiece is powered by the reliable in-house World Time caliber 240 HU, and its allure is heightened by a cloisonné enamel map dial—a nostalgic nod to the revered vintage world-time reference 1415.Richard Mille RM-69 Erоtic TourbillonSimilar to the RM 07-03 Marshmallow, the RM 69 Manual Wind Erоtic Tourbillon adds a playful touch to Travis Scott’s watch collection. This timepiece takes a unique approach to erоtic complications, deviating from the typical visual references and opting for a textual interpretation of the category. While the inclusion of a tourbillon is noteworthy, the most intriguing aspect is its Oracle complication. A push-button at 8 o’clock allows the hour and minute hands to temporarily retract, providing an unobstructed view of the Oracle complication. Additionally, pressing a button at 10 o’clock activates three panels that randomly combine to display three erоtic phrases. This watch serves as an exceptional conversation piece, especially for those seeking attention and intrigue in a nightlife setting.Patek Philippe Celestial 6104Travis Scott evidently holds a deep appreciation for dressier and complicated Patek Philippe references, diverging from the more expected choice of a Nautilus. Instead, he frequently opts for the World Timer, as mentioned earlier, and the Patek Philippe Celestial 6104. The 44mm rose gold case of the Celestial 6104 is adorned with a bezel set with diamonds, and its mesmerizing dial continues Patek Philippe’s legacy in astronomical complications.Patek Philippe elaborates, stating that the owner can, at any given moment, marvel at the precise arrangement of the nocturnal sky in the northern hemisphere, observing the apparent movement of stars, as well as the phases and orbit of the moon. Two skeletonized hands indicate the hours and minutes of meаn solar time, while an Ellipse on the underside of the sapphire glass frames the visible portion of the sky from Geneva and other cities at the same latitude. Given that one of Scott’s well-known albums is titled “ASTROWORLD,” the choice of an astronomical watch aligns seamlessly with his thematic preferences.Remarkably, this description only scratches the surface of Travis Scott’s watch collection, which also boasts additional pieces from Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and Patek Philippe. It appears that a part two to delve into the rest of his impressive collection might be warranted.

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